side slide

Woodys wagons side slide. camper bed systems.
All our systems are made to order so can be tailored to your dimension and spec. Please send us a message with any particular requirements. All our system are designed for easy installation and removal and only take a few minutes to install and remove.
Bespoke sizes built to order please message for a quote.
STANDARD RANGE. All frame sizes are measured from the vehicle wheel box and have the same height and length. LWB Height 400mm. Length 1840mm. SWB if kombi seats are fitted Height 425mm. Length 1400m
Prices for different pullout widths.
450mm frame width with 400mm pullout SWB £485 LWB £505
550mm frame width with 500mm pullout SWB £500 LWB £520
650mm frame width with 600mm pullout SWB £525 LWB £545
Optional extra’s gas strut hinged top £65
We can also supply 4 inch high grade foam cut to suit and upholstery if required priced on specifications.